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For Some time now I have posted much on the subject about Alzheimer’s Disease and the research that is being done to combat. Although it can not help those who suffer, like yesterday, the promising outcome is still some, if not many years away yet, but a light can still be seen at the end of the tunnel.

My last post was about the benefit of high levels of caffeine in coffee helping in the battle to beat Alzheimer’s. I’m all for any form of research that can help in the battle to beat terminal illness. As a matter of fact I’m all for research in any form, that can help in the battle to cure or delay the onset of any and all illness.

I remember posting some time ago now about a Durham University project that give rise to high levels of caffeine in our system causing us to experience hallucinatory problems such as hearing voices or imaging seeing another person when there was no one there. So where does that leave the sufferers of Alzheimer’s.

Where do we go from here. On one hand caffeine could slow the dementia process rather than preventing it (good), and on the other hand you may end up talking to your dead friends if your daily in take of caffeine is to great (bad).

… Are well that’s life… You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t.

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