Maintaining A Healthy Diabetes Life Style

Although meals and injections need to be taken on a habit forming basis, there is no reason why people suffering from diabetes, and who are properly treated, can continue their lives as individuals and follow their usual pursuits in life.

However, the general health of a diabetic greatly effects the type and severity of the diabetes and because of this, people suffering from diabetes should look after themselves more carefully than those that do not suffer from the illness.

  • Diabetics should try to get plenty of rest and sleep. Worrying is considered extremely bad for diabetics and should be avoided whenever possible.
  • Mild exercise without overtiring is said to be good for diabetic sufferers. Whether those suffering from the illness should ever play vigorous games or embark in hard physical exercise is a matter to discuss with a GP.
  • The skin should be kept very clean and a high standard of dental hygiene (daily brushing) is also recommended. Boils, rashes and skin inflammation should be reported to a doctor. Special care should be given to the feet and more so for elderly diabetics who may be liable to gangrene. Any risk of injury or rubbing from ill fittings shoes must be avoided and your feet should be kept clean and warm.
  • Diabetics must take great care to avoid contracting infections from other people who may be suffering from colds, influenza, sore throats and so on. When the body has to combat other illnesses & infections as well as diabetes, the diabetes can become more severe.
  • Diabetics with a tendency to neuritis (get inflammation of the nerves) should take a liberal supply of vitamin B. Normal diabetic sufferers shouldn’t need to take added vitamins.
  • Regular movement of the bowels is a must when suffereing from diabetes. Usually the high vegetable diet would be sufficient but mild laxatives, such as senna or salts, can be used as your doctor advises should you have trouble going.

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