Alcohol And Drug Interaction

If you like a drink and you take medication it would be a wise move to make yourself aware of which drugs interact with alcohol.

Whether you are a beer, wine or spirit drinker unfortunately alcohol interacts with a wide range of drugs and it doesn’t stop at spirits, liqueurs, ciders and the fruit juice based drinks known as alcopops also need to be avoided.

Alcohol works as a depressant on the central nervous system. It helps to relax the shyest individual putting social anxiety on the back burner so to speak. In moderate amounts it helps to put us at ease in situations that first appear alien.

If you take medication and still drink do you know mixing some drugs with alcohol can be extremely dangerous. This is because some drugs do not mix well with alcohol and can interact badly.

I have put together a table below that covers the more widely used drugs and how they interact when you add alcohol to the equation. This also includes liqueurs, ciders and the fruit juice based drinks known as alcopops. These particular drinks contain as much alcohol (approx. 5%) as beer or cider.

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