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Two Way Street

Many Moons ago during course-work (training in Humanistic skills) we (students) were asked to provide a paper, as par for the course, on our own unique view. Myself choosing to show how Neurosis (depression/anxiety) and counselling could exist side by side with the medical (model) side of the illness. There are three main area’s a professional counsellor may have in their arsenal to help an individual psychodynamic, humanistic and behavioural. Having said that there are […]

Stress, Anxiety and Seeking Medical Help

Mixed anxiety, stress & depression is most common here in the Uk. Making your doctor your first port of call for advise can only be a good course of action. Some of the symptoms of anxiety can indeed make you think you are coming down with some dreaded illness such as heart attack, (chest pains) stomach pains, even passing out. It is not surprising that people suffering from anxiety/stress visit their doctor’s more frequently than […]

Depression: An Overview

In its mildest form depression makes everything harder to do and less worthwhile. At its worst it can be life-threatening making you feel like giving up. Occasional moods of sadness, discouragement are a normal part of day to day living and should not be confused with depression. Depression of a more severe nature is usually accompanied by despair, lethargy, a feeling of not caring about yourself, or anyone else maybe both, loss of appetite, sleeplessness. […]

Fight or Flight

We all experience stress/anxiety at some time in our lives and most of us, as individuals, deal with it in different ways. For me, it would be to stand my ground if I was feeling stressed due to a heated debate over something of great importance to myself. Another individual however, may choose to leave the same stressful situation as in their eyes it had become unbearable for them to continue and at the time, […]

Self Blame

Is it not better to blame myself than put the blame on to another person? Well, it may be better if you could develop a positive attitude toward yourself rather than continually blaming yourself. A very important part of positive thinking is giving yourself a pat on the back from time to time. Doing this is an incredibly good way of building up your self confidence. Blaming Oneself The list below shows the difference between […]

An Introduction to Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety, stress or tension are normal features of everyday living in greater or lesser degrees. It may also be true to say nothing is achieved without it. Indeed a life without challenges could be rather dull. The Stress Factor Examples of anxiety / stress could be seen as going for an interview, looking after someone who is unwell, rushing for a bus, or the one most school children and students meet on a regular basis; […]

Have you A Story to Tell?

Your very thoughts have a profound effect on how you feel. We all have our different ways of either putting ourselves down, or patting ourselves on the back. If you are continually putting yourself down you will become isolated. In my mind this is the very foundation depression is built upon. Jailer Of Your Thoughts Have you ever felt you were all alone with no-one to turn too? The problem you seem to be having […]

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