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Your very thoughts have a profound effect on how you feel. We all have our different ways of either putting ourselves down, or patting ourselves on the back. If you are continually putting yourself down you will become isolated. In my mind this is the very foundation depression is built upon.

Jailer Of Your Thoughts

Have you ever felt you were all alone with no-one to turn too? The problem you seem to be having just does not happen to anybody else. Do you often find yourself thinking, “If this is true, it has happened to me because I am a bad person.” If so, it would appear you not only find yourself becoming the jailer of your thoughts, you have also become the judge and jury.

Real Life Experiences

This section of the website you will find that it does happen to other individuals and that suffering a mental health problem does not come from being lazy, having a good imagination, being a bad person, and not being a good actor as some doctors seem to think when they tell you to pull yourself together.

It is a real illness not that much different to having a broken leg or some other physical ailment. The difference is you can not see a mental health problem. It is still an illness and needs treatment accordingly.

Why not stay a while and read one or two of our true real life stories penned by various individuals. While some have problems with mental health, others have had serious life changing tragedies. Why rush away, take some-time out for yourself, read how these particular people felt at a precise moment in time.

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