Loneliness (poem)

When Things Go Wrong
As They Sometimes Will.
When The Road You’re Trudging
Seems All Up Hill.
When Funds Are Low And Debts Are High
And You Want to Smile, But Only Sigh.

When Care Is Pressing You Down A Bit
Rest If You Must, But Don’t You Quit
Life Is Queer With Its Twists And Turns
As Everyone Of Us Sometimes Learns.

And Many A Failure Turns About
When You Might Have Won
Had You Stuck It Out
Don’t Give Up Though The Pace Is Slow
You May Succeed With Another Blow.

Success Is Failure Turned Inside Out
The Silver Tint Of The Cloud Of Doubt
You Never Can Tell How Close You Are
It May Be Near When It Seems So Far.

So Stick To The Fight
When You Are Hardest Hit.
It’s When Things Seem Worst
You Must Not Quit.

Author: TJ

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