Only the Lonely (verses)

In my earlier years of training I did some voluntary work for a mental health charity. During that time I met some very lonely and vulnerable, yet wonderful people, some with very serious mental health issues, while others, have had serious life changing tragedies.

The writings on this page, and the pages within this section of the website, are their work. Take a few minutes to stop and read some of the stories, verse and poems. They depict just one of the many facets in the world of people who feel stigmatised by modern day society.

Many thanks to the authors for allowing me to use their writings here.

Mind’s Eye

Lonely And Sad I’m Not Really Bad
Life Is So Short Feeling Distraught
Wanting To Care Don’t Really Dare
Being Alone And So Sad
Can’t Mean I’m All Bad.

But Then What Do I Know!

Author: Confused

Sometime When

Another year has moved quickly by
We’re slowly moving on.
Life must go on we hear you say
You would not want it any other way
God bless and keep you safe
Until we meet again someday

Author: P.P

The original authors of these poems have given Medibolism express permission to publish their work on the website. It may NOT reproduced in ANY form. All rights reserved.

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