The Mean Streets (poem)

Where despair meets
Disappointments and defeats.
Where your footsteps pass
Over blood and broken glass
You’re on the mean streets.

Where lust and greed
Chase the things they think they need.
Where the easy score
Is what they’re all looking for
You’re on the mean streets.

And the pain they give
Is the only life they live
And the pain they feel
Is the only thing thats real
You’re on the mean streets.

And the bets you lay
On the games people play.
Will never win
That’s not the kind of game you’re in
You’re on the mean streets.

So to stay alive
The only way you can survive
Is to play the game
‘Til you know your just the same
You’re on the mean streets.

And the pain you feel
Is the only pain that’s real
You’re on the mean streets
With the liars and the cheats
You’re On The Mean Streets.

Author: Bruce Graeme McBeth

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