Respiratory System

Air reaches the lungs by way of the trachea and bronchi. Through the process of inhaling and exhaling (breathing in and out) the body obtains the oxygen needed to survive. The exhaling process rids the body of carbon dioxide which is the waste product of the biological processes. What goes wrong There are a few reasons why you may find difficulty in breathing, such as: narrowing to the air passages, from spasm, swelling of the […]

The Eyes and Ears

Of our five senses the eyes and our hearing are the two sense organs that provide us with the most information, from the world around us. Our eyes work by transmitting light through the cornea. The amount of light is governed by the muscles in the iris. The muscles control our focusing ability as well as controlling the pupil size which controls the amount of light passing through the eye. From here the light hits […]

The Brain and Nervous System Information

The human brain contains over 100 billion nerves cells, known as neurons. Their job is the receiving of electro-chemical impulses, and their function would be to send responsive signals back to the various glands and muscles. An example of the way our brain works would be very much like a operators switchboard continuously receiving and sending. We should also be aware that our brain is the seat from which we experience mood swings, thought, personality […]

The Heart and Circulation Process

The blood that runs through our veins and arteries acts very much like a main road-way system with many routes going to small villages or major city’s. Passing along this main road system are the vans and wagons that would be delivering to various shops, etc. Our vans and wagons are in the form of oxygen, nutrients and heat, along with chemical messengers and hormones, carrying away wastes products for excretion by the kidneys. The […]

The Endocrine System

It is close to the limits of this website to give you an in-depth medical view of the Endocrine system and its hormones, mainly because the system influences almost every cell, organ and function of our bodies, and there is only one of me plus, the endocrine system covers so much information possibly eight or ten pages (just to outline). Other parts of my website would suffer while I gathered, researched, checked for miss information […]

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