How Antirheumatic Medication Works

Drugs used to treat various rheumatic disorders. The worst of these disorders being rheumatoid arthritis. The cause of the disease is the over compensation of the body’s attempt to heal the infection which results in damage to its own joints. Rheumatoid Arthritis This disease is the most crippling of them all. Pain, swelling and stiffness of the joint/joints affected result over a period of time in deformity of those particular joints. Feelings of being unwell, […]

Drugs and Anticoagulation

When bleeding occurs an injury such as cutting yourself or maybe surgery, the body under normal conditions would act swiftly to stem the blood flow from the wound. It does this by sealing the break in the blood vessel. Cells called platelets form at the break in the blood vessel wall and act as a plug. the platelets then produce a chemical that activates clotting factors in the blood to form a protein called fibrin. […]

How Antihypertensive Drugs Work

Your blood pressure is ascertained by a machine that takes two reading The first measurement is called the systolic pressure and is measured while the heart’s ventricles are contracting, this reading is normally higher than the second one which is known as the diastolic pressure and the force is measured during ventricle relaxation. There is not as such a set measurement for blood pressure but more an accepted level of normality. This is because blood […]

How Glaucoma Medication Works

Glaucoma is a build up of fluid pressure in the eye. This pressure builds up to such an abnormal level that treatment must be given to the patient, either surgically or by drug treatment to reduce pressure. If untreated the pressure compresses the blood vessels that supply the nerve connecting the eye to our brain and again as already mentioned it is possible to suffer irreversible damage to the eye/eyes leading to loss of vision. […]

How Anti-diabetic Medication Works

The body takes energy in the form of glucose which is made from the breakdown of starch and other sugars in the intestine. From here a hormone known as insulin helps body tissue to take up the glucose from the blood, this done it is then either used straight away as energy, or is stored for later use. In diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes) the part of the body that produces the insulin is called the […]

How Vasodilators Work

Vasodilators are drugs that widen blood vessels. Improving blood flow from narrowing blood vessels taking much needed oxygen levels to areas of the body that could be at risk. Angina is one such risk, caused by the narrowing of the coronary arteries. In angina dilation of the blood vessels throughout the body will help ease the workload on the heart muscle by reducing how much force the heart applies when pumping blood throughout the body. […]

How Painkillers Work

This section deals with Analgesics (painkillers). The likes of codiene, co-proxamol and co-codamol are known as Opioids. Others such as aspirin, ibuprofen are known as Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s). The later do not have as great a painkilling relief as the Opioids. As pain is a symptom and not a disease long-term relief depends on the cause of the problem and if intervention can remove the cause of the pain. An example would be […]

How Female Sex Hormones Work

Oestrogen and progesterone are the two types of female hormones. The ovaries secret the hormones from puberty onward, through until the menopause. Each month allows the hormones to interact which in turn allows the release of an egg once this has been done and condition are right for the egg to fertilize it is implanted to the uterus. A healthy womb relies on progesterone which is triggered at certain times of the monthly cycle to […]

How Anti-anxiety Medication Works

All of us at one time, or another will experience feelings of not being able to cope whether this is due to the loss of a loved one, illness, or losing your job etc. they can all make you feel miserable, but as time goes on and things pick up we get ourselves back on track again. As I have already commented a certain amount of stress is normal providing a stimulus to action. It […]

How Anti-Psychotics Work

Because anti psychotics can be given in the form of a depot injection which release the drug slowly over a period of several weeks, it is a boon for those individuals who forget to take their medication, it is also useful if the person concerned might at some stage of medication take an overdose. It is thought that some forms of mental illness are due to over-activity of brain cells, this is thought to be […]


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