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A Moment In History

Portrait of Sir Charles Palmer
Sir Charles Palmer 1822 – 1907
The Window Cleaner Edgeware Road Statue
The Window Cleaner
Cenotaph/Monument with poppy's around the base.
Erected By Palmer Shipbuilders

In The Beginning. Read how Sir Charles Palmer and his brother George set up a shipyard in Jarrow South Tyneside on the south bank of the River Tyne.

A Moment In History The account of the Jarrow March is as accurate as I could make it. Rightly or wrongly the information is all history now. “If it doesn’t seem authentic, then put the responsibility on the. source”. Enjoy.

Now and Then Pictures of Jarrow in South Tyneside. A look back at the town in the days gone by and the changes made since the March took place.