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Weight Problem: Think Yourself Fat

If you do have this problem then this piece of news could be of interest to you. It appears researchers believe that we take in a quarter more calories than is necessary after doing intellectual tasks.

Canadian scientists set three tasks for 14 students to complete and measured the group’s food intake at the same time. Two of them would problem-solve while one rested. After a 45 minutes period at each activity, the participants were invited to eat from a buffet. It appears the individuals who took the thinking test eat 30% more calories even though the test required very little physical effort.

The study’s main author Jean-Phillippe Chaput commented: ” This should not be ignored, considering that more and more people hold jobs of an intellectual nature.”

So what they are saying is if your job of work is more intellectual than it is physical, then you have a greater chance of becoming overweight by increasing the number of calories you eat.

If you add this piece of evidence to the ever-increasing list of “this is bad for you,” I guess I might as well not bother getting out of bed in the morning. Why? well, at some time during the day I am going to run headlong into something that is not good for me… too much information.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay