Low Pressure and Migraine


Scientists have found a link between the weather and headaches.

For some time a connection between the weather and headaches has long been suspected now scientists have found from the study of some 7,054 individuals that as far as old wives tales go this one has solid foundation.

The likes of food, alcohol, stress and changing hormones can all trigger headaches. An associate of the Harvard Medical School across the pond commented:

Temperatures, humidity, and pressures are among the most frequent reasons people give for their pain none of these have ever been verified. We wanted to find out if we could verify this clinical folklore. We also wanted to see whether air pollutants trigger headaches, much as they have been found to trigger strokes. – Professor Kenneth Mukamal, HMS

The test was carried out at a Boston hospital, Where individuals with severe headaches were tested. The study found warm air currents the day before were linked to their illness, also reported in the journal Neurology was that low barometer reading also had an effect on the patients.

Findings in the study showed that even a 5%c temperature rise increased the risk of headaches by 7.5%. Here in the UK There are around 7.5m people who suffer from regular migraines.