One Last Drink For The road

Well if this little piece of news I read does not put the dampers on partying I don’t know what will.
Although you do not need a drink to enjoy yourself.

A news item I read reckons from a study that was released back in December of last year that just one pint of beer a day will increase your risks of contracting liver and bowel cancer by a fifth. It does not stop with beer drinkers it also applies to a large measure of either wine or spirits.

The World Cancer Research Fund warned, as little as two units of alcohol a day increases the risk of liver cancer by a fifth and bowel cancer by 18% she was quoted as saying:

It might not seem like a lot, but it’s clear that small amounts of alcohol can make a significant difference. – Dr Rachel Thompson, TWCRF

The Research fund also pointed out that there is also convincing evidence that alcohol increases the risk of cancer of the mouth and throat as well as contracting breast cancer.

Dr. Thompson went on to say alcohol can benefit those at risk of heart disease, post-menopausal women, and men over 40.
The Department of Health commented, “This study appears consistent with known estimated risks.”