Alzheimers disease

Elderly Man in Wheelchair

I have found three separate pieces of information on the deadly, debilitating Alzheimer’s disease. I have put them all together on this page. That way you can read without having to wonder where I put the link to the next one and so on…

Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia it’s a grouped disorder that impairs mental functions (loss of thinking). It is a progressive disease and is documented as irreversible…

What Goes Wrong

Changes in the brain over time, interfere with brain function along with cognitive functions, and a change in both personality/behaviour ensue. Memory loss seems to be the first symptom noticed and will lead to a general widespread loss of thinking abilities.

As the disease progresses the individual concerned will become completely dependent on family/care associations for every aspect of their well-being/care. Because the disease is relevant to the individual the time scale may span 5 to 20 years.

As Alzheimer’s progresses area’s of the brain will shrink and most surely die, even neurotransmitters, these are chemical messengers that relay brain signals from one nerve cell to the other even these vital messengers will suffer damage as the disease progresses.

There may well be some hope on the horizon for Alzheimer’s suffers.

I am not going to pretend here I understand the disease, the way a doctor or nurse may, I am just Joe soap who knows a little because of a family member with this devastating disease.

Yes, devastating is the correct word. Alzheimer’s has not just robbed him of his self, it has as I said wreaked havoc on all concerned his wife, family, friends, etc. When I came across an article on CareStation presented by Tabitha Grace Smith It more than interested me as it may well be the light at the end of the tunnel, for patients and families. The study outlines the rapid cognitive improvement, beginning within minutes. This link will take you to journal of neuro inflammation

The last piece I read (Daily Mirror) is that Researchers at Sunderland University (UK) are claiming a breakthrough in their search for a cure to battle dementia. It is said that regular exposure to low infra-red light not only halts it also reverses memory decay. Trails are to begin to see if this new method can provide a cure for illnesses like dementia.

It would appear that the university studies show that by wearing an infra-red helmet for 10 minutes a day patients showing early stages should show improvements. Dr. Gordon Dougal who invented the device said ” The implications of this research at the university are enormous”. Although this is just a small article in the Mirror I am sure our local nightly newspaper will report the item in more depth and if they don’t, I will still keep you up to date if I find any more news on the subject.

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