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Don’t Beet About the Bush!

What do we have in the way of health news today, Me…wonders? Well, here’s news of a drink that ‘beets’ all other high-energy drinks hands down. It appears that Professor Andy Jones of Exeter University has been doing some research with the humble beetroot. Yeah! That’s right, beetroot.

Beetroot, the energy drink that kicks all the others into touch! … Why? … Well, their research shows that sipping beetroot juice has and will allow, athletes, to perform for a much longer period of time. This is where the health bit comes in. The new research also shows that it could have links to helping individuals who suffer from breathing and heart conditions.

The researchers believe that the secret is nitrate in the juice which allows the blood to absorb oxygen at a slower rate. The research was carried out on 8 men whose ages ranged from 19 to 38. Their goal was to drink 500ml of beetroot juice every day for six days. Each day after drinking the required amount of juice they then went on to complete bike tests.

Those who drank the beetroot found their energy levels allowed them to continue for 11.25 minutes, and, 92 seconds longer than the guys that had been given a placebo drink. Here’s why! The boffins say that the nitrate in the beetroot is turned into nitric oxide in the body, therefore, reducing the need for oxygen.

The test was carried out by Professor Andy Jones of the Exeter University:

I’m sure athletes will be interested in this. – Professor Andy Jones

Oops… I nearly forgot to tell you all beetroot is already known to lower blood pressure.