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Coffee and Prostate Cancer

A little piece of good luck for men dropped into my email. It speaks of the results of a team from Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts has made a positive link to coffee being good for prostate cancer.

The story (Daily Mirror 08/12/09) is wrapped around the Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. It appears those clever researchers have added another plus to drinking coffee, this time it’s to the benefit of us men.

Over the past twenty years, researchers from Harvard Medical School have studied some 50,000 men on their coffee intake and have come up with some exciting news. Men who enjoy a regular cup of coffee each day are arming themselves against prostate cancer. Yes, would you believe it, men enjoying a regular intake of coffee are 60% less likely of developing prostate cancer, as opposed to men who avoid the drink altogether.

However, as with most of these types of findings, British experts are po-pooping the research and want to see more results, before they commit themselves. To be fair to them, the UK boffins worry more about a high caffeine intake which can cause a lot of problems so hopefully, more research will show a positive swing toward coffee intake (in moderation).

With prostate cancer being the most common male cancer in the UK, over 47,000 are diagnosed each year, Any positive research is good news.

Dr. Kathryn Wilson did say she thought it unlikely that caffeine played a key part in the protective properties of the coffee. “Very few lifestyle factors have been consistently associated with prostate cancer risk, especially with the risk of aggressive disease, so it would be very exciting if this association is confirmed in other studies.”