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Dark Chocolate and Hypertension Update

Back in June 2009, I posted about the benefits of dark chocolate given to those who suffered from high blood pressure. I wrote about how I had tried eating the chocolate to see if the claim was true in the post. It turned out to be just that (true) it did actually lower my slightly raised blood pressure and has continued to do so.

Well, it is now February 2010 almost eight months later and sadly it appears the dark chocolate has stopped working, either that or my blood pressure is getting too high for the dark chocolate to have an effect anymore. It looks very much like I may need to take medication and believe me I am not a happy budgie.

I think that all medicines, from cough medicines to antipsychotics interfere with the body working mechanism to do their job and most all medication may come with some horrendous side effects, which for me means, taking medication interferes with the bodies natural order, therefore, there is going to be a price to pay no matter how small.

Having said all that I am aware that a small minority of individuals do not suffer side effects from their medication (lucky them). So I now have a dilemma, do I go back to the early days when I was blissfully unaware of my blood pressure, after all, many hundreds, if not thousands of people are walking around unaware of their high blood pressure and seem to be perfectly fine, when challenged, or do I now take myself off to my local doctor and take my (spoonful of sugar, so to speak) medicine.

Image by ijchc from Pixabay