Stop Alzheimer’s In Its Tracks


For Some time now I have posted a lot about research being done to combat Alzheimer’s Disease and although it cannot help those who suffer, like yesterday, the promising results are still some if not many years away yet.

This post is on the same subject but this time with a difference. Scientists are working on creating tiny molecules that attack and destroy harmful proteins. These particular proteins kill nerve ending which leads to memory loss and confusion.

Professor David Allsop of Lancaster University hopes to have a drug ready to use on humans within the next 5 to 6 years. Although still some time away before it begins it testing on humans, it is definitely much sooner than other research I have posted on Alzheimer’s.

Hopefully his research will bring a much brighter light to the end of the tunnel, for those individuals who suffer this terrible disease, and their families who at the moment can only watch on as their loved one slowly lose their ability to think and much, much more. More than you would ever want to wish on your worst enemy (I would hope).

Read more about Professor Allsop’s and his teams research hopes.

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