Alzheimer’s Update: Eat Fish!

Fish could help in the battle with Alzheimer's

Fish could help in the battle with Alzheimer’s

Well if like me you are a fish lover then according to new research, I’m five times unlikely to ever suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease, memory loss and other key brain functions. Just by eating fish once a week.

According to Dr. Raji’s team at the University of Pittsburgh USA. eating fish either baked or grilled helps to preserve the Grey matter volume in the brain area’s that are at risk from the disease that affects more than 460,000 individuals here in the UK.

The downside to this good news is if like me are a fish and chip lover and do not like the idea of baked, grilled, boiled etc. fish then you won’t be receiving any protection from Alzheimer’s. This is because the nutritious benefits are not present in the fried meal.

Alzheimer’s disease comes under the disorder of Dementia. It can, and does destroy the lives of those who fall ill with this disease as well as those people around the sufferer. If you are a friend or family member of a person suffering from this condition the above link can help you to understand the best way to support them.

There is also s community talking point where you will be able to discuss your concerns relating to the condition.

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