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Feeling Moody? You Could Be Dehydrated

Did you know not drinking enough water can put you in a bad mood, as well as being dehydrated? When we feel thirsty we are in the early stages of dehydration but by then it is too late to alter our mood. Expert Harris Lieberman of the University of Connecticut in the USA said in the Journal of Nutrition that women were more at risk of the effects of mild dehydration. However, they do not know why this should be.

Signs and symptoms

It is possible to suffer headaches that may feel very similar to a hangover and a decrease in blood pressure known as hypotension (low blood pressure). Dizziness and fainting can also be experienced especially when quickly moving from a sitting position to a standing position.

If dehydration were to be left untreated it could result in confusion leading to unconsciousness, possible swelling of the tongue, and in very extreme cases it could result in the death of the individual.

Mild dehydration may include thirst, irritability, dry mouth, there may be a marked decrease in urination, headache, and a negative impact on the mood of the sufferer. Check out the full story if you have an interest.

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