Sleep Behaviour Disorder

Business man napping on top of desk

Man sleeping top of desk

The study was carried out on 93 people aged 65 years old, or there about’s who have this sleep disorder. (yes I know the sleeping man doesn’t look 65yrs old… He’s not meant to)/p>

The study over a five year period discovered that 14 individuals developed Parkinson’s Disease and 12 others went on to develop some form of dementia.

The Alzheimer’s Society commented that they hoped the research would help doctors to diagnose the condition earlier.

Although Parkinson’s Disease only occurs in adults it has been known to affect those individuals under 30 years of age however, this would be very rare indeed.

The disease here in the UK is thought to affect 2 out of a total of 1,000 individuals. Having said that the disease is not contagious and it is not required by any form of law to be reported. So this figure is an educated guess as the true statistics are not known.

Because of the lack of a diagnostic test the disease has to be made clinically.

If you would like to now more about Parkinson’s then this link to Parkinson’s UK has more on the subject.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles: Free Digital Photo’s.
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles @ Free Digital Photo’s: Stuart Miles

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