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Walking Can Help High Blood Pressure

I guess if there were ever a good healthy reason for walking then the latest research from the University of South Carolina has to be up there among the top three.

After a five-year research study of 6,278 adults researchers have found that a brisk walk of around two and a half hours (spread across a week) can cut the risk of high blood pressure by a quarter percent. It doesn’t stop there! The research scientists that ran the study say that the benefits from a brisk walk are also of benefit to those people who have a family history of high blood pressure.

The study was published in the American Heart Association’s journal, Hypertension by study author Robin Shook, a doctoral graduate at the University of South Carolina in the United States. Robin has been reported as saying that

“Understanding the roles that family history and fitness play in chronic diseases is critically important. “The results of this study send a very practical message, which is that even a very realistic, moderate amount of exercise – which we define as brisk walking for 150 minutes per week – can provide a huge health benefit, particularly to people predisposed to high blood pressure (hypertension) because of their family history. “The correlation between fitness levels, parental history and risk are impossible to ignore”.

Sport is one form of physical exercise, but anything from walking 2hr. 30min. a week of cycling or gardening would be classed as exercise. Doing some form of exercise keeps your heart and blood pressure in good condition and will go on to serve you for many years to come.

Most diets these days often recommend cutting certain foods from our diet to maximize weight loss. The National Health Service (N.H.S) has a helpful diet program.

It gives you clear helpful advice and keeps you clear of fad diets. If we are honest with ourselves the only thing a fad diet is good for is probably how quickly we lose weight. However, it does not take long before we put the weight plus more back on again.

We can still lose weight without cutting certain foods from our diet. The National Health Service (Choices) has an Eatwell food guide that can walk you through eating healthfully.

Be aware that cutting out certain food groups from our diet may well prevent us from getting the vitamins and various nutrients our body needs. Leaving our body open to illness.

Being overweight is no good to any of us. Learn/read more about walking/exercise and how eating healthily, not smoking, a moderate intake of alcohol, among others can reduce our chances of high blood pressure and an unhealthy heart.

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