New Research: Fruit and Medication

Do you like strawberries? raspberries? blue berries? how about chocolate, personally I like all four with a preference for chocolate and strawberries and double cream, …Yummy Yummy… These particular fruits are a great way to ease depression, Y eh.. you read it right the first time.

Image by Ambro: Free image courtesy of Free Digital Photos

It would appear on the face of it scientists from the University of Mexico say these fruits could be a front line defence for those who suffer depression.

These particular fruits have an natural ingredient that closely resembles valporic acid which along with sodium valporic, is used as a mood stabiliser in people who suffer a manic-depressive disorder.

However this new research should be flagged as cautious. Researcher Karina Martinez-Mayorga said:

“It is important to remember that just eating foods that may improve mood is not a substitute for prescribed anti depressive drugs.”

It is well researched that a healthy life style can enhance moods. However, if you do take medication for the treatment of depression do not attempt to replace your medication with this new research.