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Stress: The Over Fifties

If you are below the age of 50 years old then this piece of research is of no use to you. For those people who are 50 plus years of age some good news. When we reach the age of 50yrs the research did At Stony Brook University, New York. revealed stress and anxiety no longer play a part in the day-to-day lives of this particular age group. Research shows 50 plus is the start of the happiest time of our lives (they didn’t ask me).

The study shows that stress, anger, and worry fade from our 50th birthday onward. Those people who reach this magic number have been found to experience daily life in a much more calm, relaxed manner compared to younger adults.

The survey carried out on some 340,000 people was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and found that feelings of daily well-being improved once the magic number 50 had been reached.

Older people have the ability to control emotions and view their lives more positively than younger adults. Researchers also pointed out that

“They are also in accord with a ‘positivity effect’ wherein older people recall fewer negative memories than younger adults and with the possibility older adults are more effective at regulating their emotions than younger adults”

Psychologist Dr. Arthur Stone of Stony Brook University commented:

Older people are more likely to view their situations in a more positive manner looking toward family, living for the moment, and glad to be alive compared to younger adults.

Dr. Arthur Stone. Stony Brook University

A study by British researchers (British Household Panel Survey) known as the U-shaped of the relationship between happiness and age seems to back up the findings of Psychologist Dr. Arthur Stone.