Caffeine And Alzheimer’s

Caffeine And Alzheimer’s

Lead Researcher Dr. Abhishek Mohan of the Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, United States informed the Journal of Caffeine Research of his findings that caffeine in coffee can half the levels of a protein that is thought to be the cause of Alzheimer’s.

Beta-amyloid the protein that is strongly implicated in Alzheimer’s disease is believed to leave sticky protein fragments in the brain.

These fragments begin destroying the neuronal junction (impulses between two nerve cells (neurons)) before it clumps into plaques going on to disrupt and destroy the nerve cells.

There are a limited number of drugs that are used to treat the disease, however, the drugs used are limited to treating the symptoms of the disease rather than tackling the root of a disease that goes on to cause utter devastation in the life of the sufferer, eventually stripping them of any and all dignity as the disease gets worse.
Not forgetting their family who can only stand by and watch as the disease eats away at their loved one’s brain cells.

Alzheimer’s The Research

What Dr. Abhishek Mohan and his research team have shown using mice is a positive step forward they show how the caffeine in coffee helps prevent a build-up of Beta-amyloid by either preventing them from forming or helping the brain to rid itself of them.
Possible new and better treatments on the back of research such as this may bring a greater understanding of Dementia as a whole and new treatment aimed at prevention.

For those who already suffer this form of Dementia such treatment would go a long way to slowing the process down.

My family has someone who suffers from Alzheimer’s he does not even remember who his wife is (married 50 plus years standing), if he needs the toilet he has to be lifted by a machine, he cannot just get up and walk as you or I would …Why? He can’t walk anymore, something you and I probably take for granted.
For the sufferer walking became a luxury until it took that away from him. He now finds himself confined to a wheelchair.

I visit and watch on as he slowly deteriorates physically and mentally knowing there is nothing I can do to help, only watch, and wait as his immediate family has to. There is nothing any of us can do but wait for the inevitable to happen.

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