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Statins Can Help With Erectile Dysfunction

Do you suffer from high cholesterol? Every time you visit your doctor does he/she want you to take statins to combat the problem while reminding you of the health problems high cholesterol could bring you?

Have you, because of the many side effects that can plague patients taking these sort of drugs, flatly refused telling your doctor you are not to keen on taking them.

Most all of us who have ever had a cholesterol problem, at one time or another, would have been asked by their GP to think about taking statins to control it but backed off because of the side effects this type of medication brings with it. Well, read on…

Bowl Of Muesli

Bowl Of Muesli

So you are not to keen on being prescribed statins to bring your cholesterol levels down.

Are you having problems with your sex life? Namely erection problems? Would you consider taking Statins to control your high cholesterol? If I was to say it can also help you with erection problems. Would that change your mind.

Taking statins could help you kill two birds with one stone (so to speak).

High Cholesterol And Statins

There are conflicting percentages reported but, It is mostly agreed that more than two-thirds of all men between the ages of 40 and 70 years of age, will suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction (also known as impotence), while many of them also suffer high cholesterol.

According to a new study researcher Dr. Alexios Samentzas, a cardiologist from Elpis Hospital in Athens, and his team carried out a study on 100 men through ages 40 to 70 years. They found that the slight improvement statins may make to ED was far greater than was previously thought.

Dr. Alexios Samentzas is reported as saying the results were ‘very significant’. He said ‘By improving cholesterol levels, patients were also benefiting from better erections,’ he went on to say ‘It is a win-win. Statins work by improving blood vessels and blood flow. We hoped to see some small improvement, but it was much larger than expected’.

Previous research in the past suggested that taking statins could have a negative impact on cholesterol levels. However, in the light of this new research, it seems this earlier research was at fault.

There are a few problems that can bring on ED the most talked about especially among older men is those who suffer heart problems. Here cholesterol-lowering statins are frequently prescribed.

Change Of Mind Leads To A Healthy Heart (me thinks)

So, what now. Have you been putting off taking statins? Will this new research help to change your mind?

If I was to put my “to good to be true hat on” I may just think is this another ploy to hopefully encourage those males who won’t take statins for their cholesterol to surrender.

As for those of us who have normal cholesterol levels, Dr. Alexios Samentzas reckons it would be unlikely to help. So I suppose its keep taking Viagra if you need them, If you would like to know more

The Article its-self was penned by Ben Spencer Medical Correspondent In Rome For The Daily Mail.

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