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Fight or Flight

We all experience stress/anxiety at some time in our lives and most of us, as individuals, deal with it in different ways. For me, if I was feeling stressed due to a heated debate over something of great importance to myself it would be to stand my ground. Another individual may choose to leave the same stressful situation as in their eyes it had become unbearable for them to continue, and at the time seemed to have been the right thing to do.

Leaving The Situation

All of us at one time, or another will experience feelings of not being able to cope whether this is due to the loss of a loved one, illness, or losing your job, etc. they can all make you feel miserable, but as time goes on and things pick up we get ourselves back on track again.

Sadly, in contrast, the dreadful anguish of depressive illness can go on for weeks, months, years even though things may have picked up for us we could still find ourselves locked into what may feel for many people a deep, dark place where getting back becomes harder and harder. Some of us go on experiencing those feelings, dragging us even further down, until we find ourselves afraid to step over our own doorstep, back into the world… trapping us in our home. One person told me:

I feel like there is a heavy, dark cloud over me, bearing down trying to squash me to the floor.- Anonymous

Asking others can be a very powerful coping strategy, but it is important to remember if we use the help and assistance of others to avoid situations by getting them to do things for us, as this can prove very counterproductive.

Help from friends, relatives, etc. can be used in a more constructive manner. For example, it is important to have someone you can talk to about your worries a family member, a close friend, or seeking help from user groups is also a good thing. Within user groups, you will come in contact with other people who suffer in similar situations. If you have felt alone with your illness user groups could be a way to eventually help you realize you are not alone.

As the workplace becomes more, and more demanding of its workforce stress becomes more of a problem for us. There are many good user groups you can register with and many can be accessed via the internet. One such group is web communities. It is a website for people who are finding themselves under extreme pressure in the workplace. It also has relevant information for management and suggests ways to deal with you or your member of staff’s personal circumstances.

If you are aware of someone who feels they are experiencing ill-health as a result of pressure at work, you may be able to suggest they see a doctor, or offer a listening ear.

If the internet is the only window you have into the world offering you a sense of security then try this website as a starting point. At you can join a social network and support community. You’ll find information, resources, and support, plus full access to the forums and chat rooms all from the comfort of your own room… and it’s all FREE!

Sometimes comfort can be taken being aware you are not alone, in your suffering, and it goes a long way to making you feel good about yourself. The Medibolism Team