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Two Way Street

There was a time several years ago when I needed a platform to talk about a problem that kept coming back to my memory time and time again. What follows is how I dealt with it.

A Little Information First

Many Moons ago during course-work (training in Humanistic skills), we (students) were asked to provide a paper, as par for the course, on our own unique view on counselling. I chose to show how Neurosis (depression/anxiety) and counselling could exist side by side with the medical (model) side of the illness.

There are three main area’s a professional counsellor may have in their arsenal to help an individual psychodynamic, humanistic and behavioral. Having said that there are other approaches. The three I mention I believe to be the most commonly practiced.

Enough back to the post. While neurosis is not a physical problem, it can over time cause great distress leading to physical problems. In the vast majority of cases, it is brought about by social and environmental factors. This brings with them many problems. Yet even today, many years on, I still hear of people being given drugs first, questions later.

Thankfully more so I hear of many doctor surgery’s having a registered counsellor or access to a third-party counsellor practice. To name drop one such counselling organization the North East Counselling Services (who are resident in Gateshead and cover Jarrow and Hebburn in South Tyneside as well as other areas) are excellent at what they do and I highly recommend.

You Do Not Need A Mental Health Problem

You do not need to have mental health problems to seek the help of a counsellor. Here are some areas they cover. (Although most all have their roots in one way or another relating to the mind):

  • Abandonment, Alcohol Misuse, Bullying.
  • Body Image, Bereavement, anxiety.
  • Domestic Abuse, Financial Issues.
  • Relationship Problems, Weight Issues, and work issues.
  • Children and Young People counselling.

Above are just a few areas they cover there are many more. Ask your doctor about them if you feel their expertise could help you. I also believe if you have work issues you can be referred by Jobcentre Plus (at the time of posting).

As I have mentioned Neurosis is a psychological illness and brings with it many distressing symptoms. On the behavioral side, it can cause the sufferer to avoid areas of their life eventually leading to chronic anxiety.

Psychological issues may include panic, palpitations, tension, hyperventilation, and increased pulse. These symptoms alone can lead to severe chest pain similar to that of suffering a heart attack.

Processes of perception, memory, judgment, and reasoning are contrasted with emotional and volitional processes (cognitive). Here reactive thoughts such as ‘this is terrifying’ ‘I can not control my thinking’, will more than likely lead to thoughts such as ‘maybe I will have a heart attack’, ‘I am going to panic’ (thoughts of anticipation). The thinking here is forming what is known as the vicious circle/cycle. Without intervention thoughts such as these may, and have been known to cause serious physical distress.

So why this post. I think because I still feel anxiety medication/anti-depression is still being thought of as the cure. It is not. However, it will help suppresses the physical symptoms and dull the mind (thoughts).

More to the point medication and counselling should be on the same street. Both professionals are there to help. Medication to stabilize the situation (if the situation calls for it) and the skills of the counsellor to listen to you, offering a unique environment free from finger-pointing, and complete confidentiality helping you to realize what, when, if, and how things went from bad to worse which may help you to a greater understanding.

You do not need to worry if you find yourself there and are not too sure if it’s the right move to make. In the initial appointment, your worries will be laid to rest. If it is not for you then the counsellor you would be speaking with should be able to point you in the right direction. A direction you may not have thought about yourself.

Years Of Concern Finally At Rest

My own thought processes many moons ago needed the help of the counsellor’s environment and if you have read my About Me page you know I am a counsellor. My point being counseling is for anyone that requires a unique environment.

I did find an answer to my concerns. There was nothing I could have done that would have altered the situation all those years ago.

It was time I stopped shouldering the blame. I could not have changed the outcome no matter how hard I had tried. I see that now. With hindsight, I have looked back often without any guilt or regrets.

Many Thanks, A.