Stop Alzheimer’s In Its Tracks

For Some time now I have posted a lot about research being done to combat Alzheimer’s Disease and although it cannot help those who suffer, like yesterday, the promising results are still some if not many years away yet. This post is on the same subject but this time with a difference. Scientists are working […]

Alzheimers Only A switch Away

It looks very much like Alzheimer’s Disease will in the not too distant future become just a bad memory. I have had first-hand experience of individuals suffering this debilitating illness and believe me it is something you would not wish on your worst enemy. It is heartbreaking to work alongside individuals caring for some loved […]

Milk and Alzheimer’s

Want to stave off dementia? Drink just two glasses of milk daily! For a new study has suggested that milk can help protect against memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease in old age. An international team led by Oxford University, has found that milk is actually one of the best sources of the key vitamin B12. […]