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Male Prostate Problems

In the battle to fight against male prostate problems scientist at Cancer Research UK have been able to identify a way to distinguish between benign and aggressive forms of prostrate cancer. Their work involves perfecting a simple urine test that would enhance treatment, which in turn would lead to unnecessary surgery, or radiation treatment. Doctor…

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Statins Can Help With Erectile Dysfunction

Do you suffer from high cholesterol? Every time you visit your doctor does he/she want you to take statins to combat the problem while reminding you of the health problems high cholesterol could bring you? Have you, because of the many side effects that can plague patients taking these sort of drugs, flatly refused telling…

Doctor sitting at desk

Prostate Cancer (Common cancer in men)

Prostate Cancer. Not the sort of thing you want to hear from your doctor. However, Prostate cancer is considered one of the most common cancers among men with over 45,000 men diagnosed with this complaint yearly. Learning you have prostate cancer, and dealing with the treatment must be an emotional and frighting experience (one I…

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Eating Disorder Linked To Mental Health

Even more news regards Mental Health Disorders. As if it isn’t enough to know mental health problems are on the increase here in the United Kingdom (UK), new research points a finger at young children between the ages of 2 and 6 years. Not just any children either. The children under the microscope are those…

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