Mind and body related health news

Eating Hot Curries May Prevent Bowl Cancer

Yet again more food that is good for us when it comes to physical health problems. This time it is hot curries. It appears on the face of it eating hot curries may prevent bowl cancer. To be more precise scientists at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) found that capsaicin, considered an irritant […]

Dark Chocolate And Peripheral Arterial Disease

Chocolate, chocolate, and still more chocolate, but not the milk chocolate most all of us love. I have posted much (all good) over the years about the benefit of dark chocolate and yet again it would seem to be another plus for the lovers of this particular kind of chocolate. This time however instead of […]

Vitamin C Little Or No Effect

Fresh fruit, among other foods, would be considered a good source of vitamin C, and the vitamin has for many years been thought good for helping to alleviate symptoms of the common cold. Well, it would appear that it is not so. Researchers suggest that the best way to keep yourself free of the cold […]

Walking To Better Health

Back in May 2012 saw the University of South Carolina publish a paper based on a five year study suggesting how a two and a half hour walk, spread across the course of a full week, could reduce the risk of high blood pressure (hypertension) by a quarter percent. Walking Brings Health and Well-being Now […]

Stress: The Over Fifties

If you are below the age of 50 years old then this piece of research is not for you. For those people who are 50 plus years of age some good news. It appears from research done At the Stony Brook University, New York when we reach the age of 50yrs. stress and anxiety no-longer […]

New Research: Fruit and Medication

Do you like strawberries? raspberries? blue berries? how about chocolate, personally I like all four with a preference for chocolate and strawberries and double cream, …Yummy Yummy… These particular fruits are a great way to ease depression, Y eh.. you read it right the first time. It would appear on the face of it scientists […]