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Major Depressive Disorder: New Research

New research into Major Depressive Disorder indicates that memory loss and concentration problems caused by the condition may stop the growth of nerve connections forming. US researchers analyzed brain tissue from patients who had died and had been diagnosed with the disorder found inactivity in genes known as synapses. These particular genes are known to […]

Some NHS Trusts In Breach Of The Law

Sir Michael Rawlins speaks out about the NHS (national health service) postcode lottery. Sir Micheal spoke out after the Royal National Institute of the Blind caught 37 hospital trusts restricting or refusing treatment that can save the sight of people. Sir Michael Rawlins The chief of NICE (The National Institute For Health and Excellence) said: […]

Flu Virus: New Research

Back in April 2009 a global flu pandemic saw the outbreak of a new strain of influenza virus labeled H1N1, the term was given by the World Health Organization (WHO) and colloquially called swine flu. ” width=”950″ height=”482″ class=”size-full wp-image-7071″ /> Free image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net FreeDigitalPhotos.net[/caption] The first report of the outbreak appeared in […]

Walking Can Help High Blood Pressure

I guess if there were ever a good healthy reason for walking then the latest research from the University of South Carolina has to be up there among the top three. After a five-year research study of 6,278 adults researchers have found that a brisk walk of around two and a half hours (spread across […]

High Caffeine Intake

For Some time now I have posted much on the subject about Alzheimer’s Disease and the research that is being done to combat it. Although it can not help those who suffer like yesterday the promising outcome is still some if not many years away yet, but a light can still be seen at the […]

Sleep Behaviour Disorder

The study was carried out on 93 people aged 65 years old, or there about’s who have this sleep disorder. (yes I know the sleeping man doesn’t look 65yrs old… He’s not meant to) The study over a five year period discovered that 14 individuals developed Parkinson’s Disease and 12 others went on to develop […]