The most important group of drugs that could either precipitate (cause to happen) diabetes as a side effect or make existing diabetes worse are such medication known as hormones.

Hormones are produced by special glands in the body, insulin (Glucagon) its-self is a hormone, produced by the pancreas released automatically to reduce sugar levels in the blood unless you suffer from either form of diabetes. Insulin-dependent diabetes (IDD) non-insulin dependent diabetes (NIDD), or Gestational Diabetes (A type of diabetes that affects pregnant women, usually during the second or third trimester). Some hormones have what is called an anti-insulin effect.

Steroids are sometimes used in the treatment of asthma or rheumatoid arthritis. The most commonly used steroid hormone is the tablet known as prednisolone which opposes insulin causing the glucose in the blood to rise. Steroids in large doses will often precipitate diabetes however, this usually gets better when the steroids are stopped.

The contraceptive pill is another type of hormone and has a very mild anti-insulin effect. It is not unheard of people on the pill to give themselves more insulin to compensate.

Conditions such as Coronary Thrombosis or severe injuries from a traffic accident may lead to diabetes. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the hormones produced in response to stress tend to have the opposite effect of insulin and cause the blood glucose levels to rise.

In most people, more insulin would be produced to counteract the rise in blood glucose. In some cases, if reserves are low they become inadequate and would result in temporary diabetes, returning to normal once the stress was over. However, there would be an increased risk of developing permanent diabetes at a later date in the future

Pancreatitis is inflammation of this the pancreas you could develop one of two health issues Acute pancreatitis or chronic pancreatitis and are often very painful and unpleasant.

The pancreas amongst other things produces insulin and if this gland becomes scarred it may no longer be capable of producing enough of this hormone. Sometimes diabetes can develop during or after an attack of this illness.

There are other diseases of the pancreas such as cancer of the pancreas and cystic fibrosis and surgical removal of the pancreas for either cancer or pancreatitis can also cause diabetes. It is possible to produce excessive amounts of steroid hormones (Cushing’s disease or Cushing’s syndrome) and this can lead to diabetes. Plus producing excessive amounts of growth hormone may also lead to diabetes