Source of vitamin C

Oranges excellent Source of vitamin C

Since I last posted on Vitamin C and Selenium having positive or negative effects on the body (back in April 2008) it was said at the time more data on these two supplements needed to come from future trials. Patrick Holford, who had formulated some supplements for the firm Biocare, said at the time he felt the Cochrane review was a “stitch-up”.

Since then a study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, confirms important information about Vitamin C. Those given 2 grams of vitamin C a day for 30 days had a 10 point drop in systolic blood pressure. Being prescribed hypersensitive drugs would give the same systolic drop in blood pressure. High doses lower cholesterol when given to healthy people…reduce arterial thickening… If you wish to read the full story on Vitamin C pay Patrick Holford website a visit.

I have compiled below tables indicating the main source of foods for both vitamins and minerals. The links allow you to view each table. You can also print copies to your printer. To maybe stick to your fridge door for future use.

Food Sources Of Vitamins

Main Food Sources Of Vitamins and MineralsRead or print PNG version.Read or print PDF version.

Food Sources For Minerals

MineralsRead or print PNG version.Read or print PDF version.