How Alcohol And Medication Interact

If you like a drink of alcohol, and you take medication it would be a wise move to make yourself aware of which medicine’s interact with alcohol.

Whether you are a beer, wine or spirit drinker, unfortunately, alcohol interacts with a wide range of drugs and it doesn’t stop at spirits. Liqueurs, ciders and the fruit juice based drinks known as alcopops also need to be avoided.

How Alcohol Affects Medicines

Glasses full of liquid

Freshly Pulled 4 Pints Of beer

Alcohol works as a depressant on the central nervous system. It helps to relax the shyest individual putting social anxiety on the back burner so to speak. In moderate amounts, it helps to put us at ease in situations that first appear alien.

However, While some medicines may cause you to be rather drowsy when mixed with alcohol there is some that could put you on a stretcher to be transported to the nearest hospital.

If you take medication and still drink do you know mixing some drugs with alcohol can be extremely dangerous. This is because some drugs do not mix well with alcohol and can interact badly.

A person I hold in high regard mentioned to me that she considers the drinking of too much alcohol, at any time, a foolish past-time. It reminded her of a saying she used to hear in her home quite a lot as she grew up. It went along the lines of “When the drink is in wit (common sense) is out”.

I guess there is one extreme example of this saying and shows what alcohol is capable of turning some of us into. That would be to insist we can still drink and drive safely.

When push comes to shove to-be sure you stay safe, avoid alcohol while receiving treatment. The golden rule of thumb would be to read the Patient Information leaflet (supplied with your medicine) which would clearly state if the manufacturer advises against drinking alcohol while receiving treatment.

My own personal thinking would be to play safe and avoid drinking alcohol (I would play it safe. My own philosophy is He who abstains lives to drink another day).

I have put together a table below that covers the more widely used drugs, and how they interact when you add alcohol to the equation. This also includes liqueurs, ciders and the fruit juice based drinks known as alcopops. Surprisingly these particular drinks contain as much alcohol (approx. 5%) as beer or cider.

Medication and alcohol

Table showing how Alcohol reacts with medication

Five A day Fruit And Vegetables

One of your 5 a day

Well I guess if you are not an astronaut who has been locked away in outer space for some considerable time or lost deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle then I am pretty sure you will have read or heard about the health benefits of eating five portions of fruit and veg a day. Well it now appears that this statement is just not true when it comes to a high-level defense against cancer.

Researchers from across the pond (United States Of America) studied the lifestyles and diets of 142,605 men and 335,873 women between the dates of 1992 and the year 2000. The outcome was a weak association between a high fruit and vegetable intake and reduced cancer risk.

If you are a heavy drinker then a high fruit and vegetable diet could stand you in good stead when it comes to related alcohol and smoking cancers, however, do not stop your five-a-day of fruit and veg. just yet it may not offer much help in the fight against cancers but as far as your heart goes it is still a high deterrent against heart disease and stroke.Other research into the five a day and cancer risks.

At the end of the day it all comes down to you, and how you live your life. Fruit and veg. may help to maintain a healthy heart as well as not smoking, drinking moderate amounts of alcohol, getting the right amount of sleep, it is all in vain if you do not back it all up with exercise.

Try to make or find time to at the very least enjoy a brisk walk for a couple of hours a weak. Walking alone can help keep your blood pressure levels healthy and maintain a healthy heart.

One Last Drink For The road

Well if this little piece of news I read does not put the dampers on partying I don’t know what will.
Although you do not need a drink to enjoy yourself.

A news item I read reckons from a study that was released back in December of last year that just one pint of beer a day will increase your risks of contracting liver and bowel cancer by a fifth. It does not stop with beer drinkers it also applies to a large measure of either wine or spirits.

The World Cancer Research Fund warned, as little as two units of alcohol a day increases the risk of liver cancer by a fifth and bowel cancer by 18% she was quoted as saying:

It might not seem like a lot, but it’s clear that small amounts of alcohol can make a significant difference. – Dr Rachel Thompson, TWCRF

The Research fund also pointed out that there is also convincing evidence that alcohol increases the risk of cancer of the mouth and throat as well as contracting breast cancer.

Dr. Thompson went on to say alcohol can benefit those at risk of heart disease, post-menopausal women, and men over 40.
The Department of Health commented, “This study appears consistent with known estimated risks.”