How Alcohol And Medication Interact

If you like a drink of alcohol, and you take medication it would be a wise move to make yourself aware of which medicine’s interact with alcohol. Whether you are a beer, wine or spirit drinker, unfortunately, alcohol interacts with a wide range of drugs and it doesn’t stop at spirits. Liqueurs, ciders and the […]

Five A day Fruit And Vegetables

Well I guess if you are not an astronaut who has been locked away in outer space for some considerable time or lost deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle then I am pretty sure you will have read or heard about the health benefits of eating five portions of fruit and veg a […]

One Last Drink For The road

Well if this little piece of news I read does not put the dampers on partying I don’t know what will. Although you do not need a drink to enjoy yourself. A news item I read reckons from a study that was released back in December of last year that just one pint of beer […]