Male Prostate Problems

In the battle to fight against male prostate problems scientist at Cancer Research UK have been able to identify a way to distinguish between benign and aggressive forms of prostate cancer. Their work involves perfecting a simple urine test that would enhance treatment. In turn, this would lead to unnecessary surgery or radiation treatment. Doctor […]

Five A day Fruit And Vegetables

Well I guess if you are not an astronaut who has been locked away in outer space for some considerable time or lost deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle then I am pretty sure you will have read or heard about the health benefits of eating five portions of fruit and veg a […]

Accelerated Ageing.

Although human trials will be needed to develop the drug further it would appear that Researchers at Durham University doing research into Inherited Degenerative disorders caused by mutations in LMNA (common name Lamin A/C) gene have discovered a drug that will help DNA damaged by time repair its-self. “This is an important step to helping […]

Pancreatic Cancer And Vitamin A

If like me you believe in making sure you take a regular in-take of vitamins to keep the doctor away (so to speak) you will be well aware of the benefits of vitamin A. Some of the benefits we receive from vitamin A are it aids our vision. It is also responsible for healthy skin […]

Green Tea Fights Dementia

Well it looks like the research team from Newcastle University are in the news again. This time it appears they have found that the properties in Green Tea are of beneficial help in the fight against Alzheimer’s, dementia and cancer. Green tea has been used in Chinese medicine for some thousands of years and just […]

Humble Cuppa to the Rescue

Are you a tea or coffee person, or maybe like me your both. whichever is your preferred cuppa it appears tea and coffee are the best things since sliced bread. why, well the European Prospective Investigation Into Cancer and Nutrition have found a link during a study involving 500,000 individuals between the humble cuppa and […]