Fizzy Drinks Health Hazard Affect May Be Bad News

I do not know how you feel but for me the many conflicting stories I have read about how fizzy drinks contributing toward the deterioration of our cardiovascular system…

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An Apple A Day

So, the saying goes 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away'... Old wive's tale... Maybe not. A study was done by Dr. Christopher Adams of the University of…

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Asthma and Obesity
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Asthma and Obesity

Formoterol works by opening up the air passages in the lungs so that air can flow into the lungs more freely. In doing so it helps to relieve symptoms…

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Health and Wealth

We are constantly being told whether by radio, television, media etc that if we take today's figures at face value there has been a large increase in the number…

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Weight Problem: Think Yourself Fat

If you do then this piece of news could be of interest. It appears researchers believe that we take in a quarter more calories than is necessary after doing…

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