An Introduction to Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety, stress or tension are normal features of everyday living in greater or lesser degrees. It may also be true to say nothing is achieved without it. Indeed a life without challenges could be rather dull. The Stress Factor Examples of anxiety/stress could be seen as going for an interview, looking after someone who is […]

Blood Test May Predict Heart Attack

A news article penned by Mike Swain science editor for the Mirror caught my attention. It raises new hope for heart attack victims and their family. The item published by the Scripps Translational Science Institute involved a study of 50 patients with heart emergencies. It appears researchers Led by Dr. Eric Topol based in San […]

Heart Regeneration: Science Fact or Fiction

After a heart attack the damage to the heart cannot be reversed. Damage can’t be undone. If you have been unfortunate to have suffered a heart attack at some time you will be aware of the restriction it puts on your quality of life both physically and mentally. Think about this. What would it mean […]

The Polypill

Well here is a little bit of really useful information, or is it. A little while ago now I read an article penned by Emily Cook, the Daily Mirror Health Correspondent about research into a polypill. Her story was about a research team lead by Professor Malcolm Law, of the Wolfson University of Preventative Medicine […]