The Nutritional Value Of Nuts Not For Everyone

Tree nuts and peanuts are eaten around the world over and seen as a convenient, tasty, snack that contributes to a healthy lifestyle. They also come cholesterol-free and full of nutrients, including protein and fibre. However, it is a sad fact of life some people may never get to enjoy nuts because they have an […]

A Healthy Life Style

It is believed by many scientists that the primary source of aging with vitamin E being at the top of their list as a possible way to slow down the aging process lies somewhere in our DNA. Despite this, it does not mean we can expect that one day we will be able to live […]

Know Your Vitamins (continued)

Why Do We Need Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) If you eat large amounts of vitamin C such as fruits and juices there is less chance of you being at the risk of various diseases. It does no good to take it in large doses when you find yourself down with a cold, chill, ect. it […]

Vitamin D Affects Alzheimer’s Disease

For Some time now I have posted much about the research that is being done to combat Alzheimer’s Disease and although it can not help those who suffer, like yesterday, the research can still be seen as a light at the end of the tunnel. The first post was way back in July 2009 it […]

Pancreatic Cancer And Vitamin A

If like me you believe in making sure you take a regular in-take of vitamins to keep the doctor away (so to speak) you will be well aware of the benefits of vitamin A. Some of the benefits we receive from vitamin A are it aids our vision. It is also responsible for healthy skin […]

St John’s Wort

Here in the UK there is growing concern amongst the medical profession about the possible unwanted side effects of St John’s wort when mixed with other foods or conventional medications. There has even been a call for tighter controls over the way it and other herbal remedies are sold over the counter unchecked in the […]