Coffee Cup and Spoon

High Caffeine Intake

For Some time now I have posted much on the subject about Alzheimer’s Disease and the research that is being done to combat. Although it can not help those who suffer, like yesterday, the promising outcome is still some, if not many years away yet, but a light can still be seen at the end of the tunnel. My last post was about the benefit of high levels of caffeine in coffee helping in the […]

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Man Sleeping On Desk

Sleep Behaviour Disorder

The study was carried out on 93 people aged 65 years old, or there about’s who have this sleep disorder. (yes I know the sleeping man doesn’t look 65yrs old… He’s not meant to) The study over a five year period discovered that 14 individuals developed Parkinson’s Disease and 12 others went on to develop some form of dementia. The Alzheimer’s Society commented that they hoped the research would help doctors to diagnose the condition […]

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Woman Eating Apple

An Apple A Day

So, the saying goes ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’… Old wife’s tale… Maybe not. A study done by Dr Christopher Adams of the University of Iowa discovered by feeding mice ursolic acid they had bigger muscles and suffered less muscle wasting. So what good will that do for me I hear you saying. Well, it depends on if you eat fruit, on a regular basis, in particular an apple. Ursolic acid is […]

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Glass Of Milk

Milk and Alzheimer’s

Want to stave off dementia? Just drink just two glasses of milk daily! For a new study has suggested that milk can help protect against memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease in old age. An international team led by Oxford University, has found that milk is actually one of the best sources of the key vitamin B12. B12 is said to reduce the neurological damage to the brain which can lead to forms of dementia. Moreover, […]

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Holistic Healing

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