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Jarrow: Bede Burn Road

This view of Bede Burn road was taken back in the 1950s, I am not too sure what part of the ’50s, and is about half a mile, as the crow flies, from the town center. In the distance can be seen the steeple of Christ Church which stands on Grange Road West, offset to the left of the town’s shopping center (as viewed).

Bede Burn Road 1950 / 1960
Bede Burn Road 1950 / 1960

The old-style double-decker bus I believe was made by British Leyland and was in production from around 1945 to 1969 and has been replaced by better single and double-decker buses that no longer smell diesel fumes. I wonder how many people remember the old Reavley’s pop wagons seen to the left of the photograph.

If you compare the photograph below to the one from the 50s you will see very little has changed, although there have been one or two changes such as the shop front with the shop’s entrance to the side of the building opposite the L & N Store being made into a house, and the L & N Store in the above photo no longer there, and the properties behind the L & N Store were turned into single apartments. The L & N Store itself was found to be structurally insecure and accordingly demolished in the ’60s after the store had ceased trading. The plot of land it stood on was planted with shrubs.

Bede Burn Road showing part of the one way system. Showing Christ Church Steeple in the far background
Bede Burn Road to-day

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