Before Medibolism, this website was known as Natural-Tys. It came into being after many years of suffering side effects from conventional medication, a misguided marriage, that lead to divorce, causing much heartache and pain as well as a swift kick up my backside that took me back to my school days. Here a chance meeting with an excellent tutor fed my appetite for more of the same.

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Originally I set the website up to offer information on Diabetes and a Walk-through for PC games of the time. (Tomb Raider, American Mcgee’s Alice, etc.) The games walk-through only got as far as the drawing board. (the rest is history so to speak)… How did I get started… Well, back in 1992 I had hit a really low patch in life.

Since my teenage years, some years ago now, I had battled daily with depression. Why? A baby on the way (I was lead to believe), an early marriage, an unfaithful better half (wife). Doctors and their wonder drugs, as they called them back in my teenage days, were supposed to help me through my problems. (God I was so naive) Like a good patient, I took the pills without question, got on with my life, remarried, had a couple of kids, held the same job I would in a much later part of my life be forced to give up. I did not realize then that medication would become a way of life for me.

I admit here that the medication also helped in the early stages, and after the first 3 weeks of feeling rather drowsy, which cleared up, I settled down to get on with my life. Some years and a divorce later found me still pill-popping, which had by now become a daily ritual, but when the time came that I started questioning my GP about the validity of taking the tablets any longer. I was soon to learn about and suffer increased withdrawal effects as I, with my doctor’s help, started to reduce the medication….. The rest as they say is history …..

Me As A Person

I attended state schools (St Peters & Paul’s) Spent my last 4 years attending St Cuthbert Secondary. Worked as a driver in the early years. Further down the line I got the warehouse manager’s post, did that for 25 years plus, Left that, and went on to spend 18+ years attending Newcastle Uni and North Tyneside College. (Humanistic approaches in Counselling). Now Qualified (thinking of retiring in a few more years. At the time of posting).

Don’t have many dislikes apart from people who try to be something they’re not (conveniently forget where their roots are), and I do not suffer fools easily, so I am told or people that overtalk others.
I eat and drink to live, love all kinds of music, places of interest, photography, Singing, computing, reading (mostly supernatural/horror, James Herbert / Stephen King), and swimming. I also regret the many years of working long and tedious hours 14+ a day six days a week missing my kids growing up.